If you are considering where is the best place to land with your machine, you can be sure that our specialist will provide you with the best solution. There is a lot of certified land space, adjusted for choppers and gyroplanes. As a last resort you can land on your own lawn.

However, if you care about independence and maintaining the highest security standards, we suggest to use the experience of our staff.

Our team of experts not only perfectly understands law regulations, which often force us to look for special landing areas, but also have extensive experience and training in navigation at heliport airports. Our service includes a full assessment of your needs. We are going to cooperate with XXX in your name, to possess needed certification and provide you with comfort while using our machines.


Certification of Heliport or Helideck is an important step, but the process does not end on this.
Depending on the complexity of the facility, this may require regular training and evaluation as part of preserving safety. When you decide to give management of Heliport or Helideck in FLYARGO hands, as part of a regular support service program, you can be sure that we will take care of safety and certification standards, while you will be able to fully enjoy the pleasure of flying.