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XENON gyrocopters
The XENON gyrocopter is a machine with amazing possibilities. Range over 600 km at a speed of 195 km/h ensures us the title of a leader among gyrocopter manufacturers! Now available with Rotax 915.
The Xenon is the only gyrocopter in the world configured to carry a larger payload. The XENON CLUB was created as a response to modern days market needs for spacious and luxurious gyrocopters. Offering unparalled space and a possibility of 2+2 seat configuration the XENON CLUB remains unchallanged.
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Training Center
Flight Academy
Our instructors are specialists in their field, who, thanks to many years of experience and high-quality skills, will prepare you to face even the most demanding tasks that helicopter or gyroplane can put in front of you. Courses in our center are performed on choppers R22, R44, JOJO i AK1-3 and XENON gyroplanes. Start your adventure today!

Do you dream about flying? With us you can make your dream come true! Check out the offer for private gyrocopters customized to your needs.

Grow your business based on flyARGO solutions! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer for commercial gyrocopters.


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 We believe that being the pilot or owner of airship is something available for everyone.



Gyrocopter is rotary wing aircraft, which uses an unpowered rotor as a lift force creating element. The rotor rotates freely and is in movement at all times thanks to the relative wind and its inclination backwards, allowing air to pass from below to above, promoting self-rotation and lift at the same time. In the event of an engine failure the gyrocopter looses altitude slowly and is still be able to perform a controlled smooth landing due to the autorotation mode.




We invite you to watch our official movie giving you a glimpse of our daily work with our Gyrocopters and Helicopters. Find more videos in the Gallery Menu. 


We are manufacturing according to the


All gyrocopters in Europe fall under the direct governance of a country’s Civil Aviation Authority.  

All certification process for the XENON 4 has been processed via the German Civil Aviation Authorities (One of the rigidest testing regimes in Europe) through the powers vested in the Deutscher Aero Club EV.

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