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FLYARGO FLIGHT ACADEMY is a professional training center that trains helicopter and gyroplane pilots. We have our own technical and didactic facilities and a private landing pad in Wolica, near Warsaw.

What distinguishes us from other training centers is the passion and commitment with which we approach work. Our instructors are specialists in their field who, thanks to many years of experience and high-quality skills, will prepare you to face even the most demanding tasks that can be set before piloting a helicopter or a gyroplane. Learning at our center takes place on helicopters R22, R44, JOJO and AK1-3 as well as XENON gyroplanes type X2.

In addition, the knowledge with which you will be equipped will allow you to pass difficult exams in the Civil Aviation Office. We also give you a guarantee of maintaining high safety standards – we have a certificate of the Civil Aviation Authority confirming compliance with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Start your new adventure today! Fulfill your dreams.

academy of aviation
aviation academy
PPL(H), UHP(L), TR AK1-3, UAG(L), TM(H), TM(AG)


You are 7 days away from making your dreams come true

PPL(H)Helicopter pilot
UHP(L)Ultralight helicopter pilot
TR AK1-3Helicopter type training
UAG(L)Ultra-light gyroplane pilot
TM(H)Ultralight helicopter service mechanic
TM(AG)Repairman operating the ultralight gyroplane

The pilot course of an ultralight gyroplane is the best way to fulfill your dream of flying. Low price and condensed knowledge will help you quickly obtain the Ultralight Pilot Qualification Certificate, which will give you the right to fly gyroplanes throughout Europe and the world.

Find time – only 7 days separates you from fulfilling your dreams and overcoming gravity!

The training program prepares the future pilot for safe flight in accordance with VFR (Visual Flight Rules), and is divided into 2 parts: Theoretical course (60 hours) and practical course (minimum 23 hours).

If you have already decided or have questions, please contact our office at (+48) 696 789 789 or by email: training@flyargo.aero

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Visit our center: Al. Katowicka 11, 05-830 Wolica / Warsaw / POLAND

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Address: Al. Katowicka 11, 05-830 Wolica / Warsaw / POLAND

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