Gyrocopter models




We offer XENON gyroplanes in several versions tailored to individual customer requirements. Our designers will develop a solution for you that will exactly answer your needs.


X2 BLACK is a machine with amazing possibilities. Easy to pilot, maintain and operate. The materials from which it is made ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. The monocoque carbon fiber cabin ensures maximum durability and has the lowest possible weight. The gyroplane is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS-T 135HP engine (uses normal car fuel), certified by Deutscher Aero Club eV GERMANY (DAeC) Civil Aviation Authority Approving Xenon for the category 560 kg MTOW DAEC Kennblatt No. 601208.1


The next level of advancement is the XENON XL three-person gyroplane. The Xenon 4 XL uses the efficient Xenon 4 fuselage, which has been reconfigured for up to three passengers in accordance with the new MTOW 560 kg regulations. The pilot’s seat is located centrally, and comfortable and ergonomic shaped seats together with a high-class interior finish guarantee a pleasant flight at all times. The new rear seats are more comfortable and more reclined. Passengers will also use a footrest. The instrument panel and control systems have been completely redesigned to provide a modern and ergonomic look.


C-22 X4 CLUB is a 2 + 2 person gyroplane, which was created in response to market needs, offering additional cargo space. The main safety feature is the cabin, which provides an extremely strong coating to which all other parts are attached. This ensures great safety for the crew. CA-22 gives each owner flexibility in terms of economic capital expenditure and routine operating costs. The gyrocopter is easy to use and maintain, and above all easily configurable. It is cheaper to operate than a helicopter and does not require a long runway to take off. It is easy to transport for special operations and ready to fly in less than 20 minutes. It requires only 5-10 meters to land.

AGRO Tractor

Gyrocopter AGRO is our answer to the modern needs of agriculture. We offer gyroplanes with a special system for aerial spraying. This unique technology allows quick delivery of crop mixes without invading fields or soils. The optimum speed of aerial spraying is 60-90 km / h, which allows you to quickly cover fields with a unique spraying system adapted to individual mixtures. Our solution also includes the ability to quickly and easily remove the tank and replace the mixture to avoid having to top up the tank. Safety, reliability, multifunctionality, easy machine operation, low operating costs, non-invasive action on plants and soil require minimal landing infrastructure.


MEDEVAC is a flying ambulance. Thanks to the special design of the front door, a patient’s stretcher has been installed, and specialized medical equipment in the military standard ensures continuous monitoring of the patient’s health and at the same time helps the patient.
Thanks to the standard military equipment and excellent power reserve, the X4 MEDEVAC is the perfect, safest and best ambulance flying to remote areas. The gyrocopter is easy to use, easy to maintain, and above all highly configurable. The machine is cheaper to operate than a helicopter and does not require a long runway to take off. It requires only 5-10 meters to land.



Gyrocopter ideal for law enforcement. The use of Xenon gyros has proved to be the best option in the world for this type of mission. Xenon is the only machine that has been configured to carry a larger load. His ability to fly proved to be better than other competitors. The gyroplane can be equipped with Keval ballistic shields, geotechnical scanning, adaptation to the installation of other military equipment and galileo observation system in order to fully supervise the execution of combat tasks.



Xenon 4 GEO is a dedicated ultra-light and ultramodern measuring system built on MTOW 560 kg. The Aerial Ultralight Measurement System is a highly precise measurement platform integrating an active laser sensor and photogrammetric camera with the INS / GNSS system, supported by the ground segment, mobile reference station and mobile meteorological information system. Road construction, industry, architecture, railways and mining are some of the industries in which laser air scanning is used.


XENON can also be equipped with an optional float kit. It has been tested for smooth take-off and landing from water. This package is perfect for someone who lives by the lake and does not have access to the nearby airport.

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