FLYARGO FLIGHT ACADEMY is a professional training center that educates pilots of helicopters and gyroplanes. We have our own technical and didactic facilities and a private landing strip in Wolica, near Warsaw.

What distinguishes us from other training centers is the passion and commitment with which we approach to work. Our instructors are specialists in their field, who, thanks to many years of experience and high-quality skills, will prepare you to face even the most demanding tasks that helicopter or gyroplane can put in front of you. Courses in our center are performed on choppers R22, R44, YOYO i AK1-3 and X2 gyroplanes.

What is more, during our courses you will be equipped with knowledge that will help you to pass tough examines in Civil Aviation Authority. We also give you a guarantee of high security standards – we have a Civil Aviation Authority certificate confirming, that the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency have been met in our Flight Academy.

Start your new adventure today! Make your dreams come true with FLYARGO FLIGHT ACADEMY .


PPL(H) Helicopter pilot
UHP(L) Ultralight helicopter pilot
TR AK1-3 Type rating training
UAG(L) Ultralight gyroplanes pilot
TM(H) Ultralight helicopter maintenance technician
TM(AG) Ultralight gyrocopter maintenance technician
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(+48) 696 789 789 or by email:


The ultralight gyroplane pilot course is the best way to fulfill your dreams of flying. Low price and condensed knowledge will help you quickly obtain the Ultralight Pilot Qualification Certification, which will give you the licence to pilot gyroplanes throughout Europe and the world.

Took the chance - only 7 days separates you from making your dreams come true!

The training program prepares the future pilot for safe flights
according to the rules of the VFR (Visual Flight Rules), and is divided into 2 parts:

Theoretical course (60 h) and practical course (min. 23 h).